Let’s Have Some Dinner


After two days of building furniture and getting my son’s “masculine retreat” (aka bedroom in a bunch of hockey dudes’ apartment) ready for dwelling I need a rest.

We assembled furniture for approximately 7 hours in between his classes and hockey practice and workouts.  I wonder how many times we have driven from our little rental cottage, to his house. to school and to the rink in the last two day.  It doesn’t matter now thought.  We are done.

Today when my son was at school I ran to a couple of shops to pick up some finishing touches for his room, like baskets and picture hooks, as well as a tray for his change and junk he likes to throw on his dresser top.  After I dropped him off for practice later in the day I went straight to the food co-op for salad fixings and a few odds and ends for dinner.  I put the roast in the oven, made a salad and got the leftover vegetables ready to reheat.  Back off to the rink to wait for my son to come out the back door with knitting in pocket.  This whole routine is really feeling familiar.  I forgot how much we used to run around after our kids.


After watching the marching band practice in the parking lot of the rink in the biting cold I returned to my car and pulled my knitting out of my pocket.  I never mind waiting when I have my knitting with me.  It feels like productive time.  After about a half an hour my son appeared and off we drove home.


It was so nice to come into the house and smell the roast and know that dinner was almost ready to eat.  We sat down for a 10 minute relax before dinner and then together pulled off a really nice dinner in short order. A glass of wine a fine dinner, good company and dessert.  What a great day.

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