Organized Chaos

If you are wondering why it has been about one month since my last post I can explain.  We have purchased a house 600km from where we are currently living and May 1st we took possession of the 1970’s mausoleum, complete with rust shag carpet and sky blue jetted bathtub.



We have spent the last few weeks preparing to camp out in the house with just the bare necessities while the contractors, myself and my partner prepare and carry out the renovations.  We are one week in and things are moving along but not without incident.  We have removed a forest of Junipers that revealed a killer view of the lake and a front lawn we did not know existed.


After days of removing wall paper and patching and sanding I am ready to begin painting.  Unfortunately, there is not time for blogging right now but stay tuned for the full description and pictures late next week.


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