They All Grow Up

Last night I returned from a week in Northern BC.   I decided that I needed to see my oldest daughter and thought a spring road trip was in order.  I headed off solo, equipped with snacks, water, coffee and loads of music and podcasts.  The first 5 hours were great.  I was singing, sipping and feeling inspired by the landscapes and the wisdom of the podcasts I had chosen.

After about 7 hours the novelty of the trip was wearing off and at 12 hours I decided this was down right ridiculous.  Although the landscapes are stunning, when you are by yourself a 14 hour drive is a little long.  It was my  plan to arrive while there was still some daylight but this was not to be.  My daughter was at work when I arrived and after taking a wrong exit and arriving in the ‘seedy side’ of town, I required a phone call to her at work so she could talk me in .  Geez, you would think I had never driven before.  The lack of lines on the road because of all the ploughing and sanding was not conducive to finding my way into a city I  was not familiar with.

After letting myself into her house and sleeping in the cozy bed she had ready for me, I awoke to get the coffee and myself ready for her arrival. ( she was working night shift when I arrived)  You know, it’s so strange to see your child grown up.  I know this might sound cliche but to see her arrive home with all her lunch containers, purse, keys and sporting the little “nurse jammies’ just seemed strange.  I sort of expected my happy little girl to show up and fall comfortably into her role of child and I her protective, wise mother.  Not so.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very pleased to see her “all growed up’ as my niece used to say; but man, is she ever a going concern.  She did not go to bed when she got home from night shift, we went all day; choosing  material to reupholster her dining room chairs, getting groceries, perusing the shops and preparing dinner and an hors oeuvres for the party we were going to after dinner.  The whole time the music was playing in the car while she had conversations with me and then texted as we shopped and chatted.  I felt exhausted from the flurry of activity.  Upon reflection, it was so interesting to see what I used to be like. She is me to a tee at that age, always going never wanting to miss out on anything.  Oh, did I mention that she could barely walk from the X-Fit classes and personal training she does?  Yikes, slow down please.

That being said, we had an amazing time and I grew to realize that she is a young woman, fully capable and equipped to live a good life.  She loves sports, works hard, loves to hike and hunt and is a great cook as well.  She prepared me moose burgers, BBQ salmon and a delicious moose steak salad.

She has loads of friends and aqaintances, three jobs and a man who loves her and whom she adores. She is kind, generous and compassionate.  What more could a mother wish for in her daughter?

Below is a picture of the delicious salmon meal we shared at my daughter’s friend’s home while looking out at the frozen lake they live next to. The evening was finished with a soak in the hot tub while chatting and enjoying the scenery of the stark frozen lake and the northern woods.






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