Spring Tidying

Comforting Lunch

fresh oat cakes, asiago cheese and figs in ginger syrup



lunch consumed, a cup of tea and a great read on a rainy spring day.




Today I have been spending some time learning more about setting up my blog.  One of the issues I have been struggling with is how to categorize my recipes so that they are easier for reader to locate on my blog.  Finally, I get it.  So today I created drop down menus under the Recipe tab on my blog which will allow readers to search more effectively for a recipe.  Most of the recipes I have are ones that I have used in previous blog posts.  I notice that I am missing some so I will spend more time today updating those.

I also spent a fair amount of time trying to insert the Pinterest hover button so that my photos could be pinned.  No luck. As far as I can understand my WordPress theme does not allow for plugins. If anyone knows differently please let me know.  I am so not a techy.

Of course what would a morning of blogging be without trying out a recipe.  I have been thinking about the oat cakes my Mom would make now and then when I was younger so I looked up a recipe online and quickly adapted the recipe to suit me.  They turned out great and as you can see by the photos I indulged in two for lunch accompanied by asiago cheese and some figs in ginger syrup that I canned last fall.  I used the immature second crop figs, which usually just freeze and drop to the ground before ripening.  A fine treat for a rainy spring day.

You should also notice that I have changed my blogroll and updated. Do check out some of the blogs I have listed.  I am especially fond of local milk right now.  Fantastic photo styling and recipes.

After a walk in the rain and a quick lunch I have had enough of technology and am moving on to knitting and weaving.

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