Settling Into the Snow

Just three days ago the weather was promising an early spring here on the island.  We had friends over Friday night and had planned to watch the eagles soaring overhead in the early morning while we sipped our coffee.  We were excited to share this with our friends from another part of the island.





After an evening of wining and dining we woke up to the yard blanketed in snow and the white stuff steadily falling.  I guess eagles don’t care for flying in the snow, as the sky was void of any birds and all we could see was falling snow. We moved to plan B and walked the woods and the beach in the snowstorm.


Three days later it is still snowing.  Schools are closed, I have sewn two blankets, unravelled a lot of salvaged, felted skeins of wool and done a whole lot of baking.  I am heading out to trudge through the snow to the marsh to feed the birds who will be struggling to find food today.  Since my larder is bursting with baked goods prepared to stave off cabin fever and starvation it seems, I figure I should share the wealth with nature when food is a little sparse because of the snow.

We have devoured some fine meals and I have some bread laden with our  own dried fruit and roasted nuts in the freezer now.  I also have Health Cookies, Gluten-free Shortbread, Carrot Muffins and Homemade Pizza in the freezer.  It seems I am ready to host a large Coffee Klatch.  If only my friends and family could get here in all this snow.


Miso Roasted Vegetables


Prawns Masala and Salad


Fruit and Nut Bread











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