Weekend Reflections

Over the last week I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a few days in the Okanagan with my youngest daughter and my partner. While we were there the weather was anything but spring.  The temperature was -13C and we had snow twice.  The beautiful thing about the Okanagan is the snow is dry so it just blows around and looks pretty.

The cold snap that gripped most of Canada last week brought a special gift that we don’t often receive here in southern BC; frozen lakes and ponds and outdoor skating.  We were staying on Skaha Lake and the whole lake froze.  With a little coaxing from my daughter we ventured onto the frozen lake with our boots on.  I only wish we had had some skates with us. I had such a good time walking, reading, chatting and enjoying uninterrupted time with my young adult daughter.


Overlooking frozen Skaha Lake


Hanna on frozen Skaha Lake


Richard on the frozen lake

Meanwhile, my hockey player son left frigid, snowy Michigan to go to a major event in Las Vegas to promote his off season job, guiding hunting trips. While we were bundling up and donning down coats, boots, hats and gloves he was enjoying t-shirt weather.  He sent pictures and it was so nice to rest with the comfortable feeling that my children are growing up and becoming independent adults pursuing their passions and making a life for themselves.


Guy at the Hunting Show

I don’t think I could be more content as a parent, really. We often put so much energy into worrying about our children or trying to tell them what we think is best for them.  Upon contemplation and reflection, as well as a whole lot of reading and intense discussion with other parents I can see that it really is none of my business anymore what my children choose. I want to encourage them to be confident and courageous enough to pursue what they think they want and to not be afraid of mistakes or changing their mind.  After all, isn’t that what a life is?  A set of experiences that allows  us to grow and learn.  Some of the growth is pleasurable, some is painful but all is worthwhile and valuable.

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