Moving on to Spring

hurrying the buds along

hurrying the buds along

As January turned into February I  found myself changing not only my psychological outlook but my physical surroundings as well. I noticed that I am clearing out winter in the house and getting ready for spring.

On the weekend I observed that the trees are all starting to slowly release their tight grip on new life.  The buds are tight but swelling ever so slightly, signifying their preparations for spring.  It is as if the trees are saying, “the winter slumber is nearing an end and we are ready to wake up.”  I am feeling the same way and as I prepare for the day I notice signs of spring everywhere.

I notice that the creams and greys of my table decor are disappearing and being replaced by greens and yellows along with bursts of purple and blue here and there.  It is like I too am saying, “slumber and wallow in winter darkness and comfort no longer; it is time to wake up and put the months of slowness aside and welcome a new, quicker, lighter pace.”

the hand painted runner

the hand painted runner

I noticed that my dark coloured table runner is now the one my children bought for me many Mother’s Days ago.  It is a hand painted cotton runner in greens, yellows and beiges.  Upon the runner stands a vase with two Hellebores stems that I clipped from the garden and brought in to force early blooms.

The buffet is no longer home to bowls of pine cones, burlap and twinkly lights but is instead clothed with a handwoven linen table runner woven by my good friend, and a vase of clipped tree branches bursting with bright green buds.

the spring blanket

the spring blanket

The blanket I just wove is made of bright colours of green, yellow, blue, pink and purple. In addition, I have already put away some winter clothes and taken out a few brighter, lighter items to replace the black and grey standard palette of the passing winter.

I have upped my goal of total steps in a day another 5000 steps and am spending more time outside each day. The maple tree has been tapped and I walk out each morning in anticipation of seeing the clear liquid running to signify yet another sign of spring on its way.

As nature readies itself for another year of growth, so too do I.  As much as I know there will be struggles and hard work ahead of me, I also know the fruit of those will be further personal growth, and movement toward becoming the person I am meant to be, before I leave this earth.  Just as the trees and garden require pruning and weeding to be able to grow into their full potential and beauty, so  do I require the same.

I anticipate many beautiful encounters with nature and people in this upcoming season of growth. I am determined to be mindful that whatever I encounter, I am willing to continue to move through the seasons of my life, just as nature moves effortlessly through her seasons,  with an acceptance of my place in my environment  and among the people I choose or chance to encounter along the way.

Here’s to Spring!

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