Rejuvenating the Soul

After a full week’s work last week and plans to be busy working next week as well, I felt a need to do something to recharge my batteries, so to speak. As I reflect back on what I filled my days with this past weekend, I see evidence that I am living authentically; that is, the the things I did on the weekend can be found on my list of ‘what brings me joy.’ This in itself, brings me more joy.

Sometimes I get so busy trying to do what I didn’t get done during the week, that the weekend turns into another ‘workfest.’  In our busy, accomplishment driven society I feel it necessary to be mindful of what makes me feel that I am honouring my authenticity and not just measuring up to the somewhat misguided ethos of our society.

So this past weekend I spent time with my parents Saturday morning.  We went to the Swale Rock for breakfast and I indulged not only in their company but also in a giant slab of Fisherman’s Bread complete with poached eggs and melted butter.

After breakfast we met up with friends and headed out on the logging roads to get to Nahmint Lake, where we took in the old growth forest and had a shore lunch on the beach.  We roasted moose sausage made by our friend  while enjoying  the great conversation and standing in awe of the natural beauty of the lake, mountains and forest all about.

Saturday evening was spent by our home fire sipping tea and knitting while watching a movie.

Sunday we were up early after a great night’s sleep and headed out for walk/jog by headlamp light.  It was amazing to be outside witnessing daylight dawn over the ocean.  We had two cups of coffee while relaxing on our porch and then headed out to do errands.  Within an hour we were back home to enjoy the rest of the day doing whatever we pleased.

I filled my day with knitting, weaving baking, cooking and a little reading. By the evening I had made a delicious steak and salad dinner, with a recipe I used from the Donna Hay magazine ( from local library). It was the 2013 black and white issue and I used the recipe for Garlic, Anchovy and Rosemary Beef Rib Roast, and adapted it for the  rib eye steaks we had.

winter salad with kale, carrots, dried apples, cranberries and sunflower seeds

winter salad with kale, carrots, dried apples, cranberries and sunflower seeds

From the same magazine I made Ginger and Blackberry slice and I will send some to my daughter who is away at university and give some to my parents.

Ginger Blackberry Slice (Donna Hay)

Ginger Blackberry Slice (Donna Hay)

For part of the remainder of the day I started knitting a vest for myself finally.  I chose a bright variegated wool so that I could add a blast of colour to my black and grey winter wardrobe.

starting the vest

starting the vest

With the help of my partner, I finally got the last of the warp threads tied on my loom and wound it on.  I am still using material from my stash and this project is going to be a wool rug made from the many small balls of wool I have in my cabinet, as well as a box of wool skeins that my friend accidentally partially felted while trying to wash some old yarn.

box of partially felted yarn

carpet warp wound on

I also finished another knitted headband and I will send them to my daughters in the mail so they can have a little something from their Mom and be fashionable at the same time.


headbands for the girls


For the third recipe from the Donna Hay magazine, I will have Bircher and Berries for breakfast this morning.  This is a lovely combination of oatmeal, chia seeds, berries, almond milk and yoghurt.

All in all, I would have to say that I had a fantastic weekend and am well charged and ready for another week.  Happy Monday!

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