Keeping It Simple

danish pebernodder cookies

danish pebernodder cookies

This week I am busy weaving, knitting and baking. I am trying to keep dinners simple with very little preparation.  Saturday night we hosted friends for dinner so I served Short Ribs.  This allowed us to work and play all day at activities of our choice without having to be in the kitchen all day for dinner preparations.  We enjoyed a wonderful evening with our friends while dining on my version of Pumpkin Soup, Salad, Braised Short Ribs, garlic mashed potatoes, and Flan which my girlfriend brought.

Sunday was a very easy dinner because there were leftovers so we got to hike Rosewall Creek for hours and then enjoy the rest of the day working around the house and then enjoy the leftovers.  I made risotto with some of the juice  I strained off the ribs and added a little more red wine and asiago cheese. I was also able to make some Danish Christmas Cookies in between knitting and watching a movie Sunday night.

Last night I was  again  able to call on the leftovers to provide me with the beginnings of a wonderful meal.   With the remaining risotto and some of the wine sauce I saved, I was able to make a delicious Kale and Vegetable Soup.  I used fresh kale, carrots and turnips from my friend’s garden, some celery, chicken meat that I had in the freezer and the leftover risotto to produce a rich, hearty soup.  It was the perfect meal for a cold December night.

loom all ready for production

loom all ready for production

Because meals have been simple I have been able to finish a few knitting projects and yesterday I made a warp for my loom as well as a mock warp so that I don’t have to waste any precious mohair.  Last night we were able to spend the evening giving my loom a much need clean-up and overhaul.  I now have a loom in tip top shape without squeaks, loose parts or dust and dirt covering it.

That being said it is time for me to get to work producing more gifts.


dreamy mohair warp

dreamy mohair warp

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