Does Breakfast have to be so boring?


More times than not, I find myself running through a list of ho-hum possibilities of what I could have for breakfast.  Often a second cup of creamy rich coffee wins out because I simply cannot get excited about anything I think of. I don’t like the skipping breakfast habit and it definitiely contributes to me be starving by lunch time and not being mindful of what I eat in a frenzied state of hunger.

Fortunately for me, I recently found a fantastic blog while searching European blogs.  What Should I Eat For Breakfast is a site I found that inspired me to make my breakfast this morning.

Back in October I was reading one of her posts and  saw a picture of a delicious looking little meal, Polenta with Poached Egg, Salmon and Pesto. Mmmmmm, I love polenta.  I have been meaning to make this breakfast for weeks now.

Fast forward to this past weekend when my daughter told me about a great restaurant called Mole that she had breakfast at in Victoria.  She described her breakfast and it sounded very similar to the one I saw on the What Should I Eat for Breakfast site.  Again I thought, I have to try making that.  So this morning here I am asking myself the same question as I prepare to drink my second cup of coffee.  What can I have for breakfast?

Alas, today is the day.  We just happen to have some leftover polenta from last night so I decided to see what I can create with what I find in my fridge.

The following is the result of my beautiful breakfast.

First of all, I love eating out of beautiful bowls and dishes.  Instead of my utilitarian white plate, I pulled out a beautiful little bowl that my daughter gave me for Christmas one year.  I think it is actually a tea or latte bowl but it is the perfect size and pattern for how I am feeling today.  The cheery pattern and festive colour connect with my state of mind on this frosty November morning.

Next, I rummage through the fridge and although I don’t have smoked salmon I do find Chorizo sausage and some garlic cloves and hot peppers, soaking in olive oil. Add to that organic eggs and a little bit of pesto I made in August and I am set.

I started by slicing off two pieces of chorizo and cutting 2 garlic cloves and a ring of hot red pepper up.  I put them in a hot cast iron frying pan and allowed the sausage to brown and ooze some of the fatty flavour onto the garlic and pepper.  Next, I removed that from the heat and placed the polenta in the little bowl. I heated it up in the microwave and then dropped a dollop of pesto on top.

Meanwhile I had put the water on for the poached egg and I now carefully slid one egg into the water. As the egg poached, I placed the chorizo, garlic and pepper atop the polenta and pesto.  As soon as the egg was poached to my liking I removed it from the water, drained it on paper towel and carefully placed it on top of everything, resting it against the side of the bowl.

Before I tasted it I set it on the counter in front of me admired it.  The presentation was so satisfying and it made me want to sit in the sunshine of the dining room and savour this creation while I thought about my daughters and how they both contributed to me sitting, savouring a wonderful breakfast.


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