Travelling Crafts

oven mitts

Easy Felted Oven Mitts

I spent the last two days travelling to get to Michigan to visit my son.  I like to knit and felt when I can and so I thought I would show you what I brought to work on while I put in wait time in airports and travel time on planes

I brought along a hefty supply of yarn and a variety of knitting needles.I didn’t run into any trouble with security thankfully, so I was able to pass the hours of airport and flight time madly knitting.  I knit as much as I could on a sweater I am knitting and now I am going to be starting to make several pairs of oven mitts for Christmas gifts.

I also brought along some colored wool fleece and will work on my collection of felted acorns.  I made a bunch of them last year and gave them away so I would like to make some for myself.  I like to place them around the house and on the table for seasonal decor.  I collect the acorn caps from the ground in the Fall as they are dropping and then glue the felted pieces into them.


I also brought a book called, 20 Ways to Draw a Tree and 44 other Nifty Things from Nature.  It is a great book for  learning how to sketch, design and doodle things like leaves, trees, mushrooms, owls and the like.  I have a large blackboard in my kitchen that I practice on as well as small bits of paper that I sometimes turn into cards if I am pleased with the results. I am certainly in the developing category still but I thought that I could get good and use my drawings on the board when I am teaching ecoliteracy lessons at school.  I have always admired the board art that Waldorf Schools use and hopefully I will be able to add some creativity into my classroom.

waldorf chalkboard art



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