Off To Celebrate with the Girls






Last night my house was a frenzy of activity.  My girlfriend from the Okanagan was here to spend the night before we head off to the West Coast to gather for the Annual Girls’ Weekend. This is my first time going.  My other friend and her guy dropped by as well and we whipped up a delicious impromptu dinner.  At the same time there were food preparations happening for this weekend.  My girlfriend was working on one of her magical chocolate creations for the girls’ weekend dessert and celebration cake, while at the same time we were all pitching in and preparing dinner.  It is so nice to have friends that feel comfortable just dropping by and that on a moments notice can all work together to create something special for all us.

This morning we were up early and while my friend finished up the cake and mixed up some dough to make baguettes, I flipped through my Donna Hay Magazines for inspiration to make an appetizer.  As it turned out I decided to go with something I could make from ingredients I had in the house.  Originally I needed puff pastry but decided that I could make my own pastry.

I ended up finding a recipe for Rustic Mushroom Tart and so with a few minor adjustments I made a pastry from organic spelt and organic unbleached flour, cream cheese, butter, salt , sugar and water.  The Béchamel sauce called for Swiss Cheese but since I didn’t have any of that I used herb cream cheese.  The finished product looks delicious and I can’t wait to share it with ‘the girls.’

One last note before I head out.  The Chanterelles are the ones I picked last week and dehydrated.  I rehydrated them in a marinade I made for the chicken last night.  When we went to clean up after dinner I was going to throw the marinade away but my two girlfriends, both of European descent insisted it would be good for something and they were right.  It rehydrated and flavoured the mushrooms very nicely.

So, with warm clothes, wellingtons, gortex coat, comfy jammies, a big sweater, homemade baguettes, mushroom tart, my coffee and a couple bottles of red wine, off I go.  I will be back Monday to tell all about the weekend at the cabin.  Happy Friday.

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