Mushroom Picking on the West Coast


Fresh Chanterelle Mushroom Saute

   It is exciting for me to be back on the West Coast after spending the last four years in the Okanagan. I loved the Okanagan but come Fall I  long to be back in the dark, damp rain forest looking for Chanterelles.  The first time I picked Chanterelles I had no idea what to do with them so I pulled out one of my favourite cookbooks, Cooking at My House, by John Bishop.  Sure enough there was a recipe for fresh Chanterelles.  The recipe was preceded by a short vignette that caused me to go out and buy a bottle of Sherry in order to serve the Sautéed Chanterelles exactly as John does. 

     At my house this dish is only served once or twice in the Fall, depending on the mushroom harvest and who is around to share it with.  I make creamy garlic mashed potatoes, John Bishop’s Fresh Chanterelle Mushrooms Sautéed with Thyme and Sherry and serve a generous glass of Sherry on the side.  That’s it.  This is a meal meant to showcase the Chanterelles and nothing else.  

     This year I was able to tag along a very experienced mushroom picker and friend and so finding these illusive fungi was fairly easy.  It also happens to be very good weather for mushrooms this Fall and so I was able to pick enough for our meal, which we shared with our neighbour and dry some for the winter ahead.  As usual, this meal was delicious and the company was also mighty fine.  Image

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